Sunday, 31 March 2013

frosty morning, shropshire, lince, happy easter!

Two pictures from early morning cycle ride.

Later, drove to Shropshire for a lovely family gathering.

Meanwhile, a friend has asked about the meaning of the word 'lince' as used by Edward Thomas. I don't know but perhaps Margaret Keeping does?

Belated Happy Easter!


  1. Context would help but I think it's this:
    a rising ground; a ridge; a ledge, esp. one on the side of a chalk down; an unploughed strip serving as a boundary between fields.
    Pronounced and often spelt lynch.

  2. Hello, thanks both. That's really helpful. I think I have a lince on my walk!

    Margaret (and Frank) where do you think Edward Thomas stands in relation to James Joyce? Having just read The Icknield Way, some of Thomas's descriptions of the way people speak made me think about Sirens in Ulysses ...