Saturday, 20 July 2013

30c, more wiltshire pics, sublime, developing as a creative writer, opera next 16

Wow, what a week! Temperatures over 30C--and it may be even hotter next week.

Some more pics from the Wiltshire excursion above. First three taken on the Fonthill/Beckford Arms afternoon and the next two taken when we walked to the estimable Howard's House Hotel the following day.

The bottom photo shows the moon south of Lower Chicksgrove. One of the things I love about staying at the Compasses is taking our dog for a walk through the hamlet and out into the countryside after supper. It's so quiet in this part of Wiltshire and the trees and fields seen in the fading light are sublime.

Meanwhile, it's been back to work since Thursday. Amongst other things, preparing for the Developing as a Creative Writer Summer School at Exeter College, Oxford, that starts tomorrow.  Looking forward to meeting the students.

Btw Opera Next is now available in build 16. Some improvements--sharper display, it seems to me, faster page-loading and proper functioning of web-media such as iPlayer, amongst other things. I'm sticking with the browser.

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