Monday, 8 July 2013

day off, heatwave, andy murray, dancing tadpoles, blue and white crops, proper summer

Lovely walk through the fields to the south of Bampton earlier. Day off today.

Amazing heatwave in the UK at the moment that's set to last for the rest of July, if the forecasts are to be believed.

Sitting at the top of the garden in the blazing sun yesterday was a great way to listen to Wimbledon and to hear the moment when Andy Murray became champion! I swear the tadpoles in our pond were dancing.

A couple of interesting crops in the photos above--both taken this morning in the Thames Valley near what used to be RAF Bampton Castle. The blue crop is linseed and the white one is some sort of mix that's planted to provide game cover. There are quite a few fields of linseed in the valley this year because the spring floods meant that there was no chance to get the corn planted and presumably linseed can be sown fairly late in the year and still ripen in good time.

Great to have a proper summer! It hasn't been like this since the end of May last year, when I was in San Francisco (colleagues enjoyed telling me that it was way hotter in the UK!).
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