Wednesday, 17 July 2013

compasses lower chicksgrove, beckford arms, oats wheat and barley, peaceful wiltshire

Spent three excellent days staying at the Compasses, Lower Chicksgrove, in deepest Wiltshire. With its flagstoned floor and timbered, cool dark interior, it's a timeless place. The food this year was the best ever.

Lovely walk on Monday to the Beckford Arms at Fonthill. Photos of oats, wheat and barley seen along the way above. Also, in the barley pic, is a strip of a yellow-flowered crop that isn't oilseed rape. Mustard? Whatever it was, it seemed planted as game cover rather than for harvesting.

This part of Wiltshire is incredibly peaceful and reviving.
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  1. That looks more desirable to me than the 41c we are currently experiencing here in Trausse. But I did just hear and fleetingly see a Golden Oriole.