Saturday, 27 July 2013

allotment, autumn king, first runners, summer school, narrow stone-walled winds, magic of sunlight

Up on the allotment early. Tidied up the couch paths with the grass hook then weeded and hoed. Fortunately, the hot weather has meant that grass and weeds have grown slowly, so everything is manageable. I also sowed some Autumn King carrots (late, of course, but not much later, proportionately, than any of the other plantings this year) before feeding and watering.

Brought back the first handful of runner beans and masses of courgettes (Italian and green and yellow round).

It's been great to meet the two summer school groups I'm working with at Exeter College. Though it was so hot and humid in Oxford this week. Everyone did very well to keep going! The welcome dinner last Sunday was fun too--great to catch up with colleagues on high table. Pleased that we were let off wearing academic gowns this year because it was so stifling.

Came across these shining leaves in one of the narrow stone-walled winds, or lanes, that run between gardens to the north of us here in Bampton (maple or sycamore?). Not sure that the photo quite does justice to the magical effect of the light through the green, though!

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