Monday, 7 May 2012

bank holiday walk, new bridge, thunder, downpours, hophead, suits, back to work

We went on a great walk this morning. There was no chance of any allotmenting, so headed for the green lanes and the water meadows by the Thames.

We're lucky round us because styles and bridges are well kept. Don't know who's built this new bridge over the Sharney Brook, just to the north of the fields where the curlew nest, but it's much appreciated. Farmer or council?

Later, after some pretty spectacular thunderstorms and downpours, we headed for the Bell at Standlake for a pint of Dark Star Hophead. Back home, lazed in front of the fire.

Before the pub, spent a little time putting away Dad's suits and overcoats, which have come back from the dry cleaners. Bit sad.

Back to work tomorrow.

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