Saturday, 12 May 2012

moaty thing, awash, lasa, swan at radcot, robert gibbings

Loved seeing the sun today--and feeling its warmth.

Great cycle ride early-ish this morning. A lot of water lying on the meadows down by the Thames. The weird moaty thing near Tadpole Bridge that I said back on 6th April was drying out like never before is suddenly awash. The water is also out on the Great Brook lane. Not quite as deep as it was a few years ago during the floods but I wouldn't expect to see water there at all at this time of year. (The water-level during the floods was too high to cycle through, though I did try--and got very wet feet!)

Busy week, as always, just now. Rewarding, though. Next week there's a lot going on too, including preparations for my trip to San Francisco and the LASA conference.

Meanwhile, hoping to be able to fork through more ground on the allotment tomorrow.

Had a drink at the Swan at Radcot Bridge earlier and caught sight of our friends with the narrowboat on the opposite bank. They still can't move on to Oxford because the currents are too dangerous. Had good fun catching up over a pint.

Talked in part about Robert Gibbings and his books, Sweet Thames Run Softly and Till I End My Song. About his anecdotes about the Thames hereabouts in the thirties and his wonderful woodcuts done for his Golden Cockerel Press.


  1. Yes. Frank. I'm the one you thought rubbish.

    Best wishes wishes in th US of A @ LA.

    Look forward to next book.


  2. As you very well know, I most certainly didn't think you were rubbish!

    Thanks for the good wishes! Hope all is well with you and the writing!

  3. Hello, Frank. I'm way out of line here. I do apologise. Regards, Orla.