Sunday, 27 May 2012

show dogs, leaving sf, ace film

Having breakfast at Show Dogs on Market (coffee, poached egg and spicy sausage) before checking out of the hotel and heading for the airport.

Sad to be leaving--loved the LASA Congress and the city. Looking forward to being home too, though.

Grey, overcast sky today and chilly.

Some last photos of SF from yesterday. The cityscape one looks a bit spotty, having been taken through a window at SFMOMA (tut-tut).

Chilean film Nostalgia de la luz was amazing btw--beautifully filmed and very moving, juxtaposing meditations on astronomy and archaeology and memories of people imprisoned in one of Pinochet's concentration camps in the Atacama desert, as well as film of the women who still dig in the desert, hoping to find the remains of their loved ones who disappeared during the dictatorship.
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