Sunday, 6 May 2012

frozen, signs of spring, clematis, green alcanet etc, family biz!?

Last Saturday, drenched. This one, frozen. What's going on!?

Good cycle ride, though, once I got going. Signs of spring, even if it felt like the middle of winter. Loved the clematis and green alcanet by the above garden wall by Kencot and the cowslips and red dead nettle along Calcroft Lane (aka the gated road--the one without the gates).

Busy week--whenever isn't it? But a satisfying one. Felt I'd got some things done in the end.

Must say the essay I wrote about the sad family biz has been a 'good thing'--has helped to put a lot of things into perspective and has been pretty therapeutic. Looking back at what happened systematically, you think how the hell did everybody get taken in? There's a study in group dynamics there--that should keep a researcher or two going for years!

Pleased to have a couple of days off for the bank holiday. Feel I need it.

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