Tuesday, 22 May 2012

san francisco

Well, got to San Francisco. Still a bit jet lagged, though not too much.

Great flight over, made all the more fun by lovely person, Tonia, I sat next to. Being able to chat the flight away was great--in between typing library work into my mobile. Also watched The Iron Lady. Astonishing performance from Meryl Streep, it goes without saying, although it was weird seeing the set pieces like the rubbish piling up in the streets in the late seventies, the footage of the Falklands' War and the Poll Tax riots. Flying tends to prompt me to look back over my life in any case and this time I had the panorama of those crucial decades' news reports rolling by too.

Beginning to work out where things are in the centre of town, hopefully, and looking forward to meeting cousin Nathan at 6 this evening.

Enjoying poached egg and sausage breakfast just now--very spicy and herby sausage btw. Then I'll get down to some more library work and online teaching.

Sunny here, though a colleague has emailed to say it's 25C in Oxford. Don't think it's that here...
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