Sunday, 20 May 2012

freezing may, bluebells, sf, flying crows, golden gate, wierd

Good to get out into the countryside on the bike this morning, even though it was freezing. Where did our summer go?

Still, much beauty to be seen this week--including the May blossom on the Oxford Canal and the bluebells on the verge of the Black Bourton road, above.

Feel a bit weird about going to San Francisco tomorrow for the LASA congress. I've only moved about 20 miles along the Thames Valley over the last 30 or so years, as the crow flies, and haven't been abroad much in that time, apart from Scotland and Ireland, so this impending long flight seems a bit strange.

Still I've been reading about the place and was particularly interested in the Independent article that my boss Ruth sent me the link to yesterday--I'll be in SF for the Golden Gate 75th celebrations, it seems, next Saturday.

Also looking forward to meeting my cousin Nathan on Tuesday over there.

I guess the next time I post will be from the west coast of the States. How odd.

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